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Selected Publications

Below you will find a list of original scientific articles published in international peer-reviewed journals with contributions of FEZ-group members. Further down we also provide an overview of popular science publications.




  • Bérubé, M., Bachmann, L., Best, P., Davison, N., Heide-Jørgensen, M.P.,  Lesage, V., Oosting, T., Prieto, R., Ramp, C., Robbins, J., Sears, R., Silva, M.A., ten‬ ‭‬‭Doeschate‭, M.T.I., Tollis, M., Vermeulen, E., Víkingsson, G.A., Wiig‬, Ø., Palsbøll‬, P.J. Universal baleen whale microsatellite panel for individual identification and parentage assignment. Global Ecology and Conservation, submitted.

  • Cerca, J., Cotoras, D.D., Santander, C.G., Bieker, V.C., Hutchins, L., Morin-Lagos, J., Prada, C.F., Kennedy, S., Krehenwinkel, H., Rominger, A.J., Meier, J., Dimitrov, D., Struck, T.H., Gillespie, R.G. Multiple paths towards repeated phenotypic evolution in the spiny-leg adaptive radiation (Tetragnatha; Hawaiʻi). Molecular Ecology, submitted

  • Fleming, J.F., Valero-Gracia, A., Struck, T.H. Identifying and addressing Methodological Incongruence in Phylogenomics: A Review. Evolutionary Applications. revised manuscript submitted

  • Choquet, M.,  Lenner, F., Cocco, A., Toullec, G., Corre, E., Toullec, J.-Y., Wallberg, A.Comparative Population Transcriptomics Provide New Insight into the Evolutionary History and Adaptive Potential of World Ocean Krill. Molecular Biology and Evolution 40: msad225.

  • Choquet, M., Lizano, A.M., Le Moan, A., Ravinet, M., Dhanasiri, A.K.S., Hoarau, G.Unmasking microsatellite deceptiveness and debunking hybridization with SNPs in four marine copepod species of CalanusMolecular Ecology.

  • Balazy, K., Trudnowska, E., Wojczulanis-Jakubas, K., Jakubas, D., Præbel, K., Choquet, M., randner, M.M., Schultz, M., Bitz‑Thorsen, J., Boehnke, R., Szeligowska, M., Descamps, S., Strøm, H. & Błachowiak‑Samołyk, K. Molecular tools prove little auks from Svalbard are extremely selective for Calanus glacialis even when exposed to Atlantification. Scientific Reports 13: 13647.

  • Struck, T.H., Golombek, A., Hoesel, C., Dimitrov, D.. & Elgetany, A.H. Mitochondrial Genome Evolution in Annelida – A Systematic Study on Conservative and Variable Gene Orders and the Factors Influencing its Evolution. Systematic Biology  72: 925–945.

  • Austin R.M., Eriksen, P.M. & Bachmann, L. Galápagos sea lion, Zalophus wollebaeki (Carnivora: Otariidae) paratype specimen confirms separate species status. ZooKeys 1166: 307-313.

  • Suárez-Menéndez, M., Bérubé, M., Bachmann, L., Best, P., Heide-Jørgensen, M.P., Lesage, V., Oosting, T., Prieto, R., Ramp, C., Robbins, J., Sears, R.,  Silva, M.A.,  Tollis, M., Vermeulen, E., Víkingsson, G.A., Wiig, Ø., Palsbøll1, P.J. Universal baleen whale microsatellite panel for individual identification and power to detect parentage. bioRxiv.


  • Bachmann, L., Ericson, P.G.P., Vårdal, H. Editorial. Zoologica Scripta 52: 185-186.


  • Bachmann, L., Beermann, J., Brey, T., de Boer, H., Dannheim, J., Edvardsen, B., Ericson, P.G.P., Holston, K.C., Johansson, V.A.. Kloss, P., Konijnenberg, R., Osborn, K.J., Pappalardo, P., Pehlke, H., Piepenburg, D., Struck, T.H. Sundberg, P., Markussen, S.S.,  Teschke, K. Vanhove, M.P.M.. The role of systematics for understanding ecosystem functions: Proceedings of the Zoologica Scripta Symposium, Oslo, Norway, 25 August 2022. Zoologica Scripta 52: 187-214.


  • Fleming, J.F. The wealth of shared resources: Improving molecular taxonomy using eDNA and public databases. Zoologica Scripta 52: 226-234.


  • Fleming, J.F. & Struck, T.H. nRCFV: a new, dataset-size-independent metric to quantify compositional heterogeneity in nucleotide and amino acid datasets. BMC Bioinformatics 24: 145.



  • Elgetany, A.H., Struck, T.H. & Glasby, C.J. Three new species of the genus Perinereis (Annelida: Nereididae) from Egyptian coasts. ZooKeys. 1132: 163–188.

  • Lan, T., Leppälä, K., Tomlina, C., Talbot, S.L., Sage, G.K., Farley, S., Shideler, R.T., Bachmann, L., Wiig, Ø., Albert, V.C., Salojärvi, J., Mailund, T., Drautz-Mosesk, D., Schuster, S.C., Herrera-Estrella, L., Lindqvist, C.. Insights into bear evolution from a Pleistocene polar bear genome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 119  e2200016119.

  • Struck, T.H. & Cerca, J. (2022) Connecting Micro- and Macro-Evolutionary Research. Extant Cryptic Species as Systems to Understand Macro-Evolutionary Stasis. In A. Monro & S. Mayo (Eds.), Cryptic Species: Morphological Stasis, Circumscription, and Hidden Diversity (Systematics Association Special Volume Series, pp. 143-168). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  • Minelli, A. & Valero-Gracia, A. (2022) Spatially and Temporally Distributed Complexity—A Refreshed Framework for the Study of GRN Evolution. Cells 11: 1790.

  • Cerca, J., Westbury, M.V., Heide-Jørgensen, M.P., Kovacs, K.M., Lorenzen, E.D., Lydersen, L., Shpak, O.V., Wiig, Ø., & Bachmann, L. (2022) High genomic diversity in the endangered East Greenland Svalbard Barents Sea stock of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus). Scientific Reports 12: 6118.

  • Cabrera, A.A., Schall, E., Bérubé, M., Anderwald, P., Bachmann, L., Berrow, S., Best, P.B., Clapham, P.J., Cunha, H.A., Dalla Rosa, L., Dias, C., Findlay, K.P., Haug, T., Heide-Jørgensen, M.P., Hoelzel, R., Kovacs, K.M., Landry, S., Larsen, F., Lopes, X.M., Lydersen, C., Mattila, D.K., Oosting, T., Pace III, R.M., Papetti, C., Paspati, A., Pastene, L.A., Prieto, R., Ramp, C., Robbins, J., Sears, R., Secchi, E.R., Silva, M.A., Simon, M., Víkingsson, G., Wiig, Ø., Øien, N. & Palsbøll, P.J. (2022) Strong and lasting impacts of past global warming on baleen whales and their prey. Global Change Biology 8: 2657-2677.

  • Magnussen, T, Johnsen, Kjærandsen, J., A., Struck, T.H. & Søli, G.E.E. (2022) Molecular phylogeny of Allodia (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) constructed using genome skimming. Systematic Entomology 47: 267-281.


  • Maduna, S. N., Aars, J., Fløystad, I., Klütsch, C. F. C., Zeyl Fiskebekk, E. M. L., Wiig, Ø., Ehrich, D., Andersen, M., Bachmann, L., Derocher, A. E., Nyman, T., Eiken, H. G. & Hagen, S.B. (2021) Sea ice reduction drives genetic differentiation among Barents Sea polar bears. Proceedings of The Royal Academy B 288: 20211741.

  • Radashevsky, V. Pankova, V.V. Malyar, V. Cerca, J. Struck, T.H. (2021). A review of the worldwide distribution of Marenzelleria viridis, with new records for M. viridis, M. neglecta and Marenzelleria sp. (Annelida: Spionidae). Zootaxa 5081: 353-372.

  • Pazoki, S., Rahimian, H. & Struck, T. H. (2021) Genetic diversity and population structure of three Hydroides species (Sedentaria, Serpulidae) in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, with evidence of heteroplasmy. Systematics and Biodiversity 19: 993-1011.

  • Meca, M. A., Zhadan, A. & Struck, T. H. (2021) The Early Branching Group of Orbiniida Sensu Struck et al., 2015: Parergodrilidae and Orbiniidae. Diversity 13: 29.

  • Ramos Madrigal, J., Sinding, M. H. S., Carøe, C., Mak, S. S., Niemann, J., ... & Gopalakrishnan, S. (2021). Genomes of Extinct Pleistocene Siberian Wolves Provide Insights into the Origin of Present-Day Wolves. Current Biology, 31, 1-9.

  • Cerca, J., Maurstad, M. F., Rochette, N. C., Rivera‐Colón, A. G., Rayamajhi, N., Catchen, J. M. & Struck, T. H. (2021) Removing the bad apples: A simple bioinformatic method to improve loci‐recovery in de novo RADseq data for non‐model organisms. Methods in Ecology & Evolution 12: 805–817.

  • Eller, A.R., Canington, S.L., Saiyed, S.T., Austin, R.M., Hofman, C.A., & Sholts, S.B. (2021). What does it mean to be wild? Assessing human influence on the environments of nonhuman primate specimens in museum collections. Ecology and Evolution, 00, 1– 13.

  • Fellows Yates J.A., Velsko I.M., Aron F., Posth, C., Hofman C.A.,  Austin R.M., ....., & Warinner C. (2021). The evolution and changing ecology of the African hominid oral microbiome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118. e2021655118;

  • Fleming, J. F., Pisani, D., & Arakawa, K. (2021). New Tardigrade Opsins and Differential Expression Analyses Show Ontogenic Variation in Light Perception. Genome Biology and Evolution, 13(8), p.evab164.

  • Fleming, J.F., & Arakawa, K. (2021). Systematics of tardigrada: A reanalysis of tardigrade taxonomy with specific reference to Guil et al.(2019). Zoologica Scripta, 50(3), pp.376-382.

  • Grindle, E.D., Rick, T.C., Dagtas, N.D., Austin, R.M., Wellman, H.P., Gobalet, K., & Hofman, C.A., (2021). Green or white? Morphology, ancient DNA, and the identification of archaeological North American Pacific Coast sturgeon. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 36, p.102887.

  • Cerca, J., Rivera-Colón, A. G., Ferreira, M. S., Ravinet, M. Nowak, M. D., Catchen, J. M. & Struck, T. H. (2021) Incomplete lineage sorting and ancient admixture, and speciation without morphological change in ghost-worm cryptic species. PeerJ 9: e10896.

  • Bachmann, L., Cabrera, A. A., Heide-Jørgensen, M. P., Shpak, O. V., Lydersen, C., Wiig, Ø., & Kovacs, K. M. (2021). Mitogenomics and the genetic differentiation of contemporary Balaena mysticetus (Cetacea) from Svalbard. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 191(4), 1192-1203.


  • Cerca, J., Meyer, C., Purschke, G., & Struck, T. H. (2020). Delimitation of cryptic species drastically reduces the geographical ranges of marine interstitial ghost-worms (Stygocapitella; Annelida, Sedentaria). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 143, 106663.


  • Cerca, J., Meyer, C., Stateczny, D., Siemon, D., Wegbrod, J., Purschke, G., ... & Struck, T. H. (2020). Deceleration of morphological evolution in a cryptic species complex and its link to paleontological stasis. Evolution, 74(1), 116-131.


  • Elgetany, A. H., van Rensburg, H., Hektoen, M., Matthee, C., Budaeva, N., Simon, C. A., & Struck, T. H. (2020). Species delineation in the speciation grey zone—The case of Diopatra (Annelida, Onuphidae). Zoologica Scripta, 49(4), 516-534.


  • Fleming, J.F., Feuda, R., Roberts, N.W. &Pisani, D. (2020). A Novel Approach to Investigate the Effect of Tree Reconstruction Artifacts in Single-Gene Analysis Clarifies Opsin Evolution in Nonbilaterian Metazoans. Genome Biology and Evolution, 12(2), pp.3906-3916.

  • Ramos-Madrigal, J., Sinding, M. H. S., Carøe, C., Mak, S. S., Niemann, J., Castruita, J. A. S., ... & Gopalakrishnan, S. (2021). Genomes of Pleistocene Siberian wolves uncover multiple extinct wolf lineages. Current Biology, 31(1), 198-206.

  • Pazoki, S., Rahimian, H., Struck, T. H., Katouzian, A. R. & Kupriyanova, E. K. (2020). A new species of the Spirobranchus kraussii-complex (Annelida, Serpulidae) from the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. ZooTaxa 4748: 401–430.


  • Sinding, M. H. S., Gopalakrishnan, S., Ramos-Madrigal, J., de Manuel, M., Pitulko, V. V., Kuderna, L., ... & Gilbert, M. T. P. (2020). Arctic-adapted dogs emerged at the Pleistocene–Holocene transition. Science, 368(6498), 1495-1499.

  • Mann A.E.,  Fellows Yates J.A., Fagernäs Z.,  Austin R.M.,  Nelson E.A., & Hofman C.A. (2020). Do I have something in my teeth? The trouble with genetic analyses of diet from archaeological dental calculus. Quaternary International.  10.1016/j.quaint.2020.11.019


  • Wellman, H. P., Austin, R. M., Dagtas, N. D., Moss, M. L., Rick, T. C., & Hofman, C. A. (2020). Archaeological mitogenomes illuminate the historical ecology of sea otters (Enhydra lutris) and the viability of reintroduction. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 287(1940), 20202343.

  • Anslas S & Gusarov, V. (2020). Two new species of the genus Leptobium Casey from western Anatolia, Turkey (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae). Journal of Insect Biodiversity. DOI: 10.12976/JIB/2020.14.2.2




  • Ameen, C., Feuerborn, T. R., Brown, S. K., Linderholm, A., Hulme-Beaman, A., Lebrasseur, O., ... & Evin, A. (2019). Specialized sledge dogs accompanied Inuit dispersal across the North American Arctic. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 286(1916), 20191929.

  • Haugen M. N., Novosel M., Wisshak M. & Berning B. (2019). The genus Reptadeonella (Bryozoa, Cheilostomatida) in European waters: There’s more in it than meets the eye.  Bryozoan studies 2019. Czech Geological Society, Prague 2019.

  • Orr R.J.S., Haugen M.N., Berning B., Bock P., Cumming R., Florence W., Hirose M., Di Martino E., Ramsfjell M.H., Sannum M., Smith A.M., Vieira L.M., Waeschenbach A., & Liow L.H. (2019). A genome-skimmed phylogeny of a widespread bryozoan family, Adeonidae. BMC Evolutionary Biology 19, 235. doi:10.1186/s12862-019-1563-4

  • Lozano-Fernandez, J., Giacomelli, M., Fleming, J.F., Chen, A., Vinther, J., Thomsen, P.F., Glenner, H., Palero, F., Legg, D.A., Iliffe, T.M., & Pisani, D. (2019). Pancrustacean evolution illuminated by taxon-rich genomic-scale data sets with an expanded remipede sampling. Genome Biology and Evolution, 11(8), pp.2055-2070.


  • Fromm, B., Tosar, J. P., Aguilera, F., Friedländer, M. R., Bachmann, L., & Hejnol, A. (2019). Evolutionary Implications of the microRNA-and piRNA Complement of Lepidodermella squamata (Gastrotricha). Non-coding RNA, 5(1), 19.




  • Gopalakrishnan, S., Sinding, M. H. S., Ramos-Madrigal, J., Niemann, J., Castruita, J. A. S., Vieira, F. G., ... & Gilbert, M. T. P. (2018). Interspecific gene flow shaped the evolution of the genus Canis. Current Biology, 28(21), 3441-3449.


  • Sinding, M. H. S., Gopalakrishan, S., Vieira, F. G., Samaniego Castruita, J. A., Raundrup, K., Heide Jørgensen, M. P., ... & Gilbert, M. T. P. (2018). Population genomics of grey wolves and wolf-like canids in North America. PLoS Genetics, 14(11), e1007745.


  • Cerca, J., Purschke, G., & Struck, T. H. (2018). Marine connectivity dynamics: clarifying cosmopolitan distributions of marine interstitial invertebrates and the meiofauna paradox. Marine Biology, 165(8), 1-21.


  • Elgetany, A. H., El-Ghobashy, A. E., Ghoneim, A., & Struck, T. H. (2018). Description of a new species of the genus Marphysa (Eunicidae), Marphysa aegypti sp. n., based on molecular and morphological evidence. Invertebrate Zoology, 15(1), 71-84.


  • Fleming, J.F., Kristensen, R.M., Sørensen, M.V., Park, T.Y.S., Arakawa, K., Blaxter, M., Rebecchi, L., Guidetti, R., Williams, T.A., Roberts, N.W., & Vinther, J. (2018). Molecular palaeontology illuminates the evolution of ecdysozoan vision. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 285(1892), p.20182180.

  • Helm, C., Beckers, P., Bartolomaeus, T., Drukewitz, S. H., Kourtesis, I., Weigert, A., ... & Bleidorn, C. (2018). Convergent evolution of the ladder-like ventral nerve cord in Annelida. Frontiers in Zoology, 15(1), 1-17.


  • Ramey-Balcı, P., Fiege, D., & Struck, T. H. (2018). Molecular phylogeny, morphology, and distribution of Polygordius (Polychaeta: Polygordiidae) in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 127, 919-930.


  • Struck, T. H., Feder, J. L., Bendiksby, M., Birkeland, S., Cerca, J., Gusarov, V. I., ... & Dimitrov, D. (2018). Cryptic species–more than terminological chaos: a reply to Heethoff. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 33(5), 310-312.

  • Gusarov V.I. (2018) Phylogeny of the Family Staphylinidae Based on Molecular Data: A Review. In: Betz O., Irmler U., Klimaszewski J. (eds) Biology of Rove Beetles (Staphylinidae). Springer, Cham.


Popular Science Publications

  • Nilsen Haugen, M., Struck, T.H. & Bachmann, L. (2021) Kryptiske arter utfordrer taksonomer og evolusjonsbiologer. Naturen 145: 19-26.

  • Cerca, J., Johnsen, A., Struck, T.H. & Bachmann, L. (2020) Naturhistoriske samlinger i den molekylære æraen: En kostbar hobby eller en bærebjelke for moderne forskning? Naturen 144. 110-116.

  • Bachmann, L., Aars, J. & Wiig, Ø. (2013) Hvor gammel er isbjørnen som art?. Naturen 137. 115-120.


Popular Science Publications
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