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a research group at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway

22. May 2023 - Fieldwork in Japan 

Marianne Nilsen Haugen and James Fleming left for fieldwork in Japan. They will collect further material of the intertidal beetle genus Aegialites for the PhD thesis of Marianne. Good Luck !!!

15. May 2023 - Two Master students started  their fieldwork

Sunniva Løviknes and Jan Einar Amundsen started the fieldwork for their Mastertheses. They comprehensively screen the invertebrate biodiversity at selected beaches in the inner Oslofjord. Lykke til og God Fangst !!!

08. May 2023 - Rita left the FEZ group 

PostDoc Rita Austin f-returned to the US. She accepted a new job starting at the beginning of June. Very sad news for the group but a great opportunity for Rita. We wish you all the best, and have a fantastic start with the new job.

05. May 2023 - FEZ spring activity 

Friday  5. May 2023 the FEZ group will take a spring activity. We will 'climb' the Grefsenkollen and enjoy a social evening and dinner. Special thanks to Ana Capucho and Rita Austin for organizing the event !!!

04. May 2023 - 'Museomics' manuscript accepted for publication 

TThe paper entitled "Galápagos sea lion, Zalophus wollebaeki (Carnivora, Otariidae) paratype specimen confirms separate species status" has been accepted por publication in ZooKeysCongratulations to Rita, Pia, and Lutz, and in particular to Pia 

to her first scientific paper  !!!

14. April 2023 - UiO:LifeScience summer project will start soon 

Stephanie Milne will start her UiO:Life Science summer project on 1. June 2023. She will work on the project 'Hooded seals (Cystophora cristata) of East Greenland' with Pia Merete Eriksen and Lutz Bachmann as project leaders. Welcome Stephanie !!!

04. April 2023 - Interview with James Fleming 

The web newsletter that posts news in natural sciences and technology published an interview with James Fleming on his research on tardigrades. The nicely illustrated presentation entitled 'Dyret som gjenoppstår fra de døde – helt naturlig' is in Norwegian, and the Interview was conducted by Elina Melteig.

27. March 2023 - Grant application delivered to the Research Foundation Flanders (fwo)

The project entitled "Mobile Genetic Elements as Drivers of Speciation and Adaptive Genome Evolution in Parasitic Flatworms (TE-AGE)" proposes a cooperation between Maarten Vanhove, Nikol Kmentova and Dirk Valkenborg (UHasselt Belgium) and Lutz Bachmann and Einar Strømnes (NHM Oslo)


21. March 2023 - Congratulations to Jørgen Hansen Starholm

He successfully defended his Master thesis entitled "Solving Phylogenetic Relationships Within the Rove Beetle Genus /Aleochara/ (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) by Utilizing a Novel Approach based on High Throughput Sequencing"

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